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Joanne K

The food and service is wonderful. I was originally having the balance meals but recently began Keto and the food is so delicious. I love that they have such a variety from balanced, Keto, Vegan, etc. The owner Adam is so involved and answers all texts and emails. One time I received the wrong order (only happened once) and I left an email... within a 1/2 hour Adam text me to help make it right.

Alicia N.

I have a tough work schedule where it makes it beyond difficult to continue to eat clean. I found Muscle Up Meals through my trainer at a time where my meal prep was non existent due to lack of time. I was hesitant at first but the meals are delicious and I have been continuously ordering for the past few weeks!

Art T.

Best meal prep I've came across, in the past month I've lost 12 pounds just by sticking to my diet thanks to muscle up eating is made so simple and delicious. I recommended my friends and fam and they loved it, thank you Adam.

Rolla W.

I am so impressed. Adam is very responsive and gives a personal touch. I thought I would be starving or that it would taste horrible but its pretty good. Is it a Mastro's steak no, but its super clean and very healthy. I already ordered for next week and have several friends that will be ordering as well.

Benjamin V.

From time to time we all receive service that goes above and beyond what would be described as 5 stars. These experienced don't happen as often as we would like, but they are always appreciated. Adam has remained consistent with his impeccable service since day one!

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Calorie counts optimized for females.


Calorie counts optimized for males


low Carb only from vegetable sources, medium protein, and medium to high fat content.


Meats, nuts, and leafy veggies, basically whatever you can hunt.


Simple foods, not many ingredients or sauces, lower budget meals for the “food for fuel” market.


Calorie counted Meal optimized for the elderly.


Healthy-eating plan rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.


Meals to help you lose weight safely and at a healthy rate.



From Obese to Muscle Beast In Only 14 Months!

When I first met Adam, he was undoubtedly one of the largest people I’ve ever seen in my life. Tipping the scale at over 400 pounds, he came closer to an untimely demise with every cheeseburger, every slice of pizza, every step and breath he took.

Long story short, after first making the mental commitment that he was finally going to do whatever was necessary to loose weight and get healthy he embarked upon his tough but rewarding journey which ultimately resulted in him winning the National Golds Gym Challenge.

Here’s the short back story that helped Adam go from Obese to Muscle Beast in just 14 months!

Finally, Fitness Meals Delivered That Are Healthy & Delicious!

Whatever your fitness goal is, Muscle Up Meals is the delicious component you’re looking for to help you reach those goals, Faster and Easier! All of our meals are Made Fresh Daily by our own Master Chef’s. Yes, always fresh, never frozen, our fitness meals delivered are produced and packaged at our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen located in Pasadena, California. The first time you try one of our Muscle Up Meals, you’ll discover that these are not like the standard fitness meal delivery you may have tried from other meal prep services. Our Master Chef’s have drawn upon their years of creative experience to create a variety of culinary masterpieces that are not only healthy but are 5 Star Delicious!

Here’s The Secret!

We count all the nutrients, then precisely weigh and measure all of the food to the exact portions you need to maximize the effectiveness of your work out. This saves you time and helps you reach your healthy living goals quickly. We deliver the perfect variety of nutrient dense foods, with the best possible balance of green veggies, protein, and carbohydrates. This guarantees you receive the proper nutrition you need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Muscle Up Meals Are Delicious! If you’re going to eat healthy, you may as well enjoy it! Our clients tell us that our prepared meals are some of the best tasting they’ve ever had! We use only the finest, all natural, cage free / free range, hormone free, and organic ingredients.

Regardless of your goals – if you’re seeking to loose weight and gain muscle, enjoy a healthier lifestyle or bulk up for a professional bodybuilding competition – Contact Us Today And Discover Why Muscle Up Meals Is The First Choice Of People Who Are Seeking A Healthy – Delicious – Meal Prep Delivery Service.

Adam K. Our Founder, Is Living Proof Muscle Up Meals Fitness Meal Delivery Works!

True story – Adam, was once morbidly obese, weighing in at over 400 pounds. Literally sick and tired of an existence which excluded him from experiencing the joys of life, he committed himself to make a lifestyle change. A change that not only resulted him loosing over 200 pounds of unhealthy fat, but has also became the catalyst to help hundreds of people discover that it is possible achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. He is living proof that when you change your mindset, change your lifestyle, you can achieve great things you never believed possible. Read Adams truly inspirational journey to fitness on our about us page. Begin Your Journey To A Healthy Lifestyle Today – Take Advantage Of This Special Offer – 20% Discount From Your First Week Of Food. When You Order Use Promo Code: gettinstarted20

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